Whether you’re a casual flyer or hard core hobbyist,
Sky Viper has a drone for you.

perfect for experts & beginning pilots

The Sky Viper flight controller is designed to make flying easy for beginners.
A flight sensitivity switch let's you increase the controller's responsiveness as you gain experience.

the 4-blade advantage

control & stability:

It’s obvious that drones have 4 blades while conventional copters only have two. What’s not obvious is that those 4 blades are controlled by sophisticated sensors and flight hardware that continuously monitor the drone’s position in space. During flight, small corrections are sent to each individual blade to compensate for factors that affect any copter’s ability to fly--such as wind, flight drift or flying too close to a wall or object. Single blade copters do not have flight hardware, therefore the user constantly struggles just to maintain basic control. Drones are smart and able to self regulate, allowing the user to focus on the fun of flying.


Because they have 4 individually powered blades, drones can fly directly in any given direction—forward, backwards and everything in between. Single blade copters can only fly forward, relying on a tail propellor (which prevents if from spinning completely out of control) to spin the copter until it points in the desired direction. Because drones can turn directly, flying is more precise and far more intuitive than with single blade copters.

get in on the action

Sky Viper drones are available at most major retailers.