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Watch the Wheel Writer How-To-Video

The Wheel Writer Displays a Partial Image

You must be riding at least 10 MPH to see the full image clearly

Watch the Gyro Flasher How-To-Video

Watch the Light Striper How-To-Video

The Wheel Writer Does Not Light Up

Check that the Wheel Writer is turned on and has working batteries. Only use new batteries. Do NOT use old batteries. Also, be sure the batteries are inserted correctly - the positive (+) terminal for all 3 batteries should be facing up.

The Magnet attachment is not close enough or lined up with the Wheel Writer. The star on the magnet attachment and the Wheel Writer must line up. They should be separated by no more than 1/4 inch. Please see the How To video for more information.

You must be riding at least 10 MPH to see the image fully.

The Image on the Wheel Writer Appears Corrupted

Make sure the magnet is as close to the Wheel Writer as possible. The image will look corrupted because the Wheel Writer is not picking up all of the wheel revolutions.

The Light Striper Makes a High-Pitched Noise

This is normal to power the electroluminescent wire.